Great Website Design Doesn’t Have to Cost an Arm and Leg

May, 23, 2018 by and categorized in

Are  you looking to save some money?  Who isn’t? Same goes with businesses (except for when is comes to outsourcing, but that is a completely different story).

Let’s say you have a website. Let’s say you have an out of date website and you are looking to spruce that old site up. Let’s say you want the site designed to be “mobile friendly” or responsive (which is the ONLY kind of design that I do).  Many people think that having an up-to-date site and the upkeep to this site requires code, so I need to pay someone to maintain the site.

This is a false assumption. If you start on this journey with your super awesome website designer / developer, and you are upfront with them about wanting to maintain the content, add pages, write blog posts, automate forms, and processes for your business, your developer can plan for this, and while developing, keep that in mind.

Your awesome developer will have customized the site for you. They will have made making changes to the site much more simple and streamline. Not only should your designer  design a great front-end for your clients, they should also design a great back-end from which you can do your business!

If you are honest with your web developer, let them know your vision of your website is to be, there is no reason why your web developer / designer can’t provide that. If you are looking to have to web designer / developer maintain your website, that can be done, but you won’t be saving any money.

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