Location Is A State Of Mind

While being located just outside Detroit, we have clients around the world.

Detroit, Michigan

As a Metro Detroit WordPress Developer, MindChip Industries is dedicated to helping you make every dollar count. To improve your revenue with outstanding solutions that are easily scalable.

MindChip Industries has been helping businesses for over 20 years. I know you want every dollar you spend to work for you, just like how I want to stretch my dollar to get the most I can get.

Location is only where you are.

Location is only a physical place. MindChip Industries is a digital company with clients from all over the US and around the world. My main line of communication is email, then Slack , texting, video conferencing and phone calls. MindChip can be everywhere or anywhere you need us to be, and even on the go!

Not having a physical space makes MindChip Industries | Metro Detroit WordPress Developer extremely agile. We can do work at your location, if needed, or meet in the middle somewhere or you can come to here, provided you like dogs. 😉

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