We do not and will not outsource any of our WordPress Design / Development services.

MindChip Industries is a WordPress web development firm specializing in B2B Michigan WordPress Development.

An experienced WordPress Developer, or any developer for that matter, will know to ask the right questions to get the useful information they need. This also helps with managing expectations. Developers need know what questions to ask.

Questions might need to be asked in different ways depending on how you answer them. An Experienced WordPress Developer will ask questions to clarify on terms used, which are the same details that could make or break the site.

These details could also mean coding the site one way when the client is expecting something else, and an enormous amount of rework would need to be complete to make the WordPress Website a success.


Creating quality cutting-edge websites that perform for businesses. Using professional systems to engineer your site and properly code for SEO to bring real organic results to your website.

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