Meet with stakeholders and ask lots of question about the project, including who is the intended audience? Define the MVP.



Create wireframes and layouts of pages, and start putting your content into the pages, so you can see what your content is going to look like on static pages.



Develop a style guide, start working on user flows for the site. Begin coding functionality and interactivity.



Making sure it all works, looks right, and operates as expected. Go through every page, every scenario and check functionality and interactivity.

Ever do something that you love to do? We made our hobby into our career. Why would we do something that we didn’t enjoy? There is no daily grind here. Everyday, people and companies just like you bring me new and different website design, SEO, and graphic design work.

It’s always great to help someone out. Helping one for money is business. Since we are in the website design and graphic design business, we are helping our clients to achieve what they want; more customers.

With over 10 years of experience in this exact field, we know what it takes to get things right. If things aren’t right, your desired results (website design or graphic design),  materialize. From military training, we have adopted the “do it right and build upon it philosophy.”

We are a catalyst. We accelerate your idea without altering the original formula to get the result you want, and make it reality, which means we aren’t going to try to up-sell you on something you don’t want.. With that in mind, we live by a quote: “Ideas as simple as your imagination, or as extreme as your dreams.” This makes our website design and graphic design process go much more smoothly.