A Poor Website Experience isn’t just Irritating, It Will Cost You

You got your new WordPress Website Experience

You are all excited. You have your new site.  It is designed just how you wanted, or at least how you thought you wanted. Your website is responsive, impactful images, with some content. But there is a problem..

You site has lowered in Search Engine Rank.  Your site loads slowly.

What happened?

Poor Website Experiences aren't just Irritating, They Cost You

When your WordPress site was “developed”, a store bought theme was used without your knowledge. This theme has a bunch of 3rd party code that has the potential of breaking, becoming outdated, or even worse, have security flaws. This will make for an ever updating nightmare. This means that your site was already developed, and was then designed to fit that theme’s mold.

While many people think this speeds up, the process, it will set you up for failure in the the long run.

A page builder was used to design your pages, which will add extra code. That extra code equates to extra load times. There are plenty of stats that prove visitors judge your brand on the speed of your website. They judge your brand on the look and feel of your website. If the buttons are too small, and it is tough to tap them when on a mobile device, they will leave. If there are non-standard elements, and they are not used to seeing, and don’t know to click on that element to get to the information they are looking for, they are going to your competitor with a better website experience.

A Better WordPress Website Experience

This is where MindChip Industries is different. I will develop a custom WordPress Website experience. A clean path to get to the information your visitors want, with the knowledge of what to expect before they click on something. All done with a solid base of Foundation, optimized for speed. Fast beats slow everyday of the week. This goes for websites as well. And the Search Engine Gods will reward you for it.

I use minimal plugins, and with my 20+ years of development, I can create pretty much anything that can be dreamed of, without the need of extra baggage for your website to carry.

Writing Content for the best WordPress Website Experience

Your site should not be just written any which way.  There is a certain way to write for the best possible WordPress Website Experience. Writing how the internet reads would be the way that you want to write. There are SEVERAL studies that show that internet users read in an F shape pattern. This means they are scanning headlines, sub-headlines, and pretty much the first sentences of paragraphs.  This is important to know since you want to grab their attention, read the whole paragraph, and click to fill out form, call you, or better yet, convert them to customer right then and there when they purchase something.

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