You Can’t Put a Price on WordPress Experience

An Experienced WordPress Website Developer can actually help your business save money by not wasting time, resources, or refined processes to streamline the development and ask all the questions needed to get the best WordPress website that you can be proud of and brag about.

It is tough to put a price on experience. In fact, you can't.

It is tough to put a price on experience. In fact, you can't.

I have spent countless hours fixing poorly written code, re-coding websites that were not planned correctly, structured properly, or attempts were made for Search Engine Optimization that backfired.

You can put a price on lost time and failed products.

You will never know the amount of clients that you lost, the future business that was lost due to a bac design, clunky functionality, or a painfully slow site.


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Why You need an Experienced WordPress Developer

Why You need an Experienced WordPress Developer

An experienced WordPress Developer, or any developer for that matter, will know to ask the clients the right questions to acquire the most information they can understand what and extract the information from the client to understand the project thoroughly.  This also helps with managing expectations.

Developers need know what questions to ask.  Those questions might need to be asked in different ways depending on how you answer them and what words you say. An Experienced WordPress Developer will ask questions to clarify on terms used, which are the same details that could make or break the site. These details could also mean coding the site one way when the client is expecting something else, and an enormous amount of rework would need to be complete to make the WordPress Website a success.

An experienced WordPress Developer will not have a lot of rework to do, which means not a lot of recoding.

Questions are the key. The more questions upfront, the better. The more business knowledge your WordPress Developer gains of your business, and how your business operates, the better equipped with that knowledge your WordPress Developer can create a site that compliments your business, your business processes, and will flow with your business.