Frequently Asked WordPress Website Development Questions

Others have asked, I have answered.

I have put a list together of frequently ask Design and Development Frequently Asked Questions

I did this not only to answer some of your questions but the some of them as a little silly since that is who I am, and some of the questions are rather ridiculous.

More informative FAQs are toward the top, and the sillier ones more towards the bottom.

Do you only develop in WordPress?

As a matter of fact, yes. WordPress is an excellent Content Management System (CMS) that powers more than thirty percent of the internet. Due to the flexibility, large market share, and huge open source supported community, there really is not a whole lot that can’t be done.

How long does it take to build a custom WordPress website?

Generally, from acceptance of proposal to launched site, it is a four to seven week turnaround, but the pace at which projects are set is by each client. From the input provided during the discover stage, availability with constructive feedback, and how quickly content is ready, affects the speed and timeline of completion. If there are higher functionality needs, obviously the more complex, require more development time.

Once my WordPress site is completed, will I be able to edit/update it myself?

Yes! I take pride in developing your WordPress Website so that clients, learn to manage their websites on their own. I’ll provide you with training to help you learn your way around, as well as provide you with resources to check out should you have questions.

Do you offer WordPress Dedicated Hosting?

Yes. I do. I offer WordPress Dedicated Managed Hosting cheaper than if you got it on your own.
(normally $25/month). Most of clients add the $10/month to their package, so that plugins are checked and updated every automatically every 3 hours, with email reporting and emailed weekly SEO reports.

Will my website be a mobile friendly developed WordPress website?

Of course! I only develop responsive, Device Agnostic WordPress Websites. It would be a disservice to you if I didn’t and twice the work for me!

How do I submit my site to 1000 search engines?

Only idiots do. There are only a handful of search engines that you need at all. Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask in the US. Mostly Google in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

How much does a website cost?

How much does a car cost? How much does a house cost?

First, I need to know what kind of car or house you need then we can try to assess the price. Otherwise we can just say somewhere from $1500 – $1,000,000.

I don't know if someone could build what I want. How do I know if they are a good fit?

I build custom designs, and custom WordPress Applications. from membership sites, Ecommerce Websites, B2B Websites, and custom WordPress Applications that the public will never see. For example: a company was looking for an online fillable PDF for their sales people to print. what they have is an online estimate application that has been customized to their specific company and processes, and they are now saving THOUSANDS a year since they barely print out their forms, since they email them.

Check out the Website Design Portfolio, and see if the look and feel of what we are doing is similar to what you have in mind.  We have helped hundreds of clients achieve exactly what they have wanted. Client satisfaction is a priority!

Who is going to write the content for my website?

You should write your own content. You are the expert in your field and line of work.  It only makes sense.  If you need help, I can refer you to a copywriter to craft your content for you, which would then cost more.

I have a friend in IT. He said he could make me a site.

Internet Technologies is a wide and broad net to cast. Would you want a master baker to grill you a steak? Would you want someone who flies drones to pilot the airliner you are taking to Cancun?

Didn’t think so. It is best to let experts do what they do.

I want a list of like 10,000 emails. Can you provide me with that?

No I can’t. And won’t.

That is called SPAM. If you want a newsletter, or mailing list, you must create it and nurture it, and we can help you with that.

Of course we could provide you with a list of emails, but would they really be interested in whatever it is that you are selling? NO!

My nephew, a Graphic Designer is going to do my SEO

Many old school SEO professionals have started out as web developers. Nonetheless they had to focus on other non-technical SEO techniques. A good web developer can provide roughly one third of the skills you need for SEO. Sadly most web developers are clueless about SEO beyond the most common basics.

My niece, a graphic designer can do the SEO on my WordPress website?

She probably can cook as well so you are going to have her make sushi for you, but you probably would go to a restaurant nonetheless. Designers in most case underestimate the importance of SEO and misunderstand it. They assume that the designer should be decide how a website should be build and when the site is done, they, or rather their clients realize that they’re not even indexed by Google. SEO should be part of website design not just a add on. An open minded designer can provide a good findable site architecture that works for SEO as well. In most cases, an SEO expert is needed to accomplish that task.

My son-in-law who is a PERL, JAVA and C+ Programmer do my SEO?

Programmers often underestimate the difficulty of SEO and attempt to attain rankings by creating scripts that automatically enhance websites. This is a very risky business as it often crosses the thin line of what’s allowed by the search engine guidelines.

What payment options do you have?

Our policy is normally 50% down payment to start and the other 50% upon completion. We can also accommodate other payment options as well.
We can accept all major credit cards, and Paypal.

We will not open a new gateway just for your project (Graphic and Website scams all to often try to get us to do this in order to process stolen credit cards.)

When will I see SEO results?

It will take a while depending on what results you expect what for. Some keywords might even take a year or more while others may work after weeks or months. Perform a thorough keyword and market research first to know. Also SEO is basically a continuous process that never stops.

Why is SEO so expensive?

Why are cars and houses so expensive? Because it takes lots of time, resources and work to build them. Besides SEO makes your website actually earn money while setting up website and designing it by itself does not. So at the end of the day SEO earns more money that it takes. Also remember that SEO is not just like a house or car. It’s more like a shop or a hotel when it comes to the house metaphor and it’s more like a race car when it comes to the car metaphor.

Why should I outsource my SEO?

SEO is a full time job for a person or requires a whole team with several skills ranging from web development, content creation to marketing. Unless you have at least one experienced full time SEO in-house it is strongly advised to seek assistance from a SEO company or consultant.

Ca n you maintain my WordPress Website for me?

Of course I can maintain your WordPress Website!

I also have WordPress Website Management packages if that interests you.

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