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I remember reading a great article a long time ago titled, Really Bad PowerPoint by Seth Godin. In the article, he says “Communication is the transfer of emotion.”

How does this pertain the content on your WordPress or non WordPress Website? Well, if YOU aren’t passionate about YOUR business, how is anyone else supposed to?

You all know I am a WordPress Website Developer in the Metro Detroit. And If I can’t describe what I do with passion, how my web developer skills can help your start up, or established business, then I am not transferring any of my emotion.

But if I am passionate about designing your WordPress Website for your Company, which may or may not be located in the Metro Detroit Area, then you are going to know, I know what I am talking about. You are going to belive me when I tell you that if I design your WordPress website correctly, you can save money on website maintenance, since you will be able to maintain the WordPress website yourself! I take great pride in using highly functional, simplistic solutions (WordPress Plug Ins) to help you achieve the goals that you are looking to accomplish with your WordPress website.

Could these things be done with an HTML website? Probably not. If the client is looking to maintain the website themselves, they would need to know HTML, jQuery, Javascript, CSS / LESS / SASS, Bootstrap, etc. You get the point.

From when I first started using WordPress, to now, I have gained much WordPress knowledge and just as important, WordPress Experience.

I know what works, what doesn’t work, what WordPress Plug Ins rock, and which ones suck.

As a member of WPMUDEV, I have access to some very exciting WordPress Plug Ins that make website development much easier.

Services we provide

Graphic Design

The art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books. We take pride in being a Detroit Graphic Designer

Search Engine Optimization

Using meaningful content is a very important part of ethical SEO methods. Users (and Google), demand relevant information from their searches.

WordPress Development

1 in 4 websites are designed in WordPress. We use Foundation 6 or Bootstrap 4 frameworks and only develop responsive websites