You Thought WordPress was only for Blogging?

Mar, 30, 2016 by and categorized in

WordPress is almost 13 years old. (at the time I am writing this), so if you are a WordPress Developer with more experience than that, you must be a master at time travel.

WordPress began as a blogging platform. Since then it grown. And grown.

WordPress now accounts for one fourth of all websites on the internet.

It is a good time to be a WordPress Developer.

November 2011: Steve Jobs publicly announces that Flash will not be on Apple products.

As soon as I heard this, I knew it was going to change my life. You see, I was a Flash Developer at the time. And it was good to be a Flash Developer! But that time ended, and I needed to retool quickly. I chose to be a WordPress Developer. I chose to be a Detroit WordPress Developer.

Since then, WordPress has come a long way. WordPress Plug Ins have come a long way, too.

Speaking of WordPress Plug Ins, I always try to save my customers money by utilizing free WordPress Plug Ins.  I should put an asterisk next to that with the disclaimer that I use well used, well supported, recent and relevant WordPress Plug Ins.

I also use Premium WordPress Plug Ins, when needed.

With that said, you are reading this article, that was made with Premium WordPress Plug Ins. I did this expedite my Professional WordPress Website. I have edited some of these premium WordPress plug ins to accommodate my own codes.

So, in closing, withe the functionality of this WordPress Website, why not join the 25% of other websites, and let’s get WordPress to 30% of all websites on the web!

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