The Resurgence of Detroit

It’s an amazing time to be in the city of Detroit. For those who have been residents of the area for a long time, you know how much of a difference the past five years have made alone. It seems as though there’s a consistent stream of good news when it comes to development plans, major construction, small business openings, or investments being made in the city. The new energy in this area is electric, and the buzz is being felt all over the nation.

Think about it, how many times have you heard Detroit being used as the butt of a joke in mainstream media? While this city was viewed as the underdog for a long time, it is now boasting major advancements and redevelopment both in the center of downtown and the surrounding areas. Your optimism for the future of the city can’t help but grow when all of the progress is considered. Now it’s hard to find a major news outlet that hasn’t talked about the comeback of the Motor City!

While most people pictured the comeback of the city to come in the form of the total resurgence of the auto industry, surprisingly that hasn’t been the specific industry that has seen the most growth. It’s been the tech industry that has been moving and shaking Detroit, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. In fact, many people are referring to this city as the new Silicon Valley when all of the new opportunities are considered. There’s no place in the Midwest that can hold a candle to the overall entrepreneurial spirit and leadership in the tech industry that has been seen here in Detroit.

Professionals are flocking here, and for good reason. A drive down and around Woodward will speak for itself. With the addition of the QLine, you see great opportunity for even more growth in neighborhoods like Midtown. Not only are there fantastic opportunities for valuable real estate, but the creative spirit in this city is something that has always been plentiful everywhere that you go. ┬áSome of the most inspiring entities to spring out of the tech renaissance are organizations like JOURNi who help low income youth and adults learn the valuable skills needed to get a solid career started. It’s inspiring to see the thriving businesses help each other succeed, both big and small.

Alan James is a local writer for Michigan Transportation and focuses on entertainment and travel. They are quite passionate about the state of the city and those who inhabit it.