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How to choose a Graphic Designer

We would rather you choose us after you are informed and educated on what you need to know, and expect.

Nov, 23, 2015

How to choose a Graphic Designer

MS Paint and  clip-art won’t hack it any more for you or your company. Time to take it to the next level. Let’s make things more professional. In order to create a professional look and feel, you need a professional graphic designer. One that can realize your company’s visions of aesthetic excellence. Of course you… Read more »

Nov, 23, 2010

MindChip @ Twitter

MindChip Industries is on Twitter! Follow us, and find out what kind of stuff we tweet about graphic design, web design, and off the wall thinking.

Sep, 11, 2010

Detroit Local Search.com

MindChip Industries is featured on LocalSearch.com as a Detroit Graphic Design company and Detroit Web Design Company.

Sep, 10, 2010

Detroit City Search | Detroit Graphic Design

MindChip Industries is featured on Detroit City Search, as a Graphic Design, and Web Design company.

Sep, 10, 2010

One of Top Design Firms

Detroit graphic design company, MindChip Industries, featured @ TopDesignFirms.com | Detroit graphic Design | Detroit web Design | Graphic Design Detroit |

Sep, 10, 2010

MindChip @ Youtube

MindChip Industries is featured on YouTube with videos we have created, and videos that we like. Feel free to check out the MindChip Industries Channel on YouTube

Sep, 07, 2010

Deacon – Bettermade Music

Services include: Logo Design for a Detroit DJ.

Sep, 02, 2010

Pfizer Logo Design Content

MindChip Industries entered a Pfizer logo contest and was runner up.

Sep, 02, 2010

VFW Post 1136, Wyandotte, Michigan

Various Graphic Design Services for VFW Post 1136 located in Wyandotte, Mi

Aug, 18, 2010


About AmericasPrinter.com
Founded on the belief that “full color doesn’t mean full price”, an industry and opportunity was born.

Aug, 17, 2010

JT Productions

JT Productions was formed 9 years ago in the bedroom of a two bedroom apartment selling vinyl decals on ebay. Within a year equipment was upgraded as well as the JT Productions office to a 15′ x 22′ room in a house in Redford.

Aug, 17, 2010