Bieske and Associates

Bieske and Associates

As attorneys, J.B. Bieske and Jennifer Alfonsi, Attorneys at Law, do just one thing: they represent Michigan Social Security Disability claimants. Their focus on helping those in need, with over 46 years of combined experience, means they know what it takes to get results for SSD clients. It’s their specialty, and it’s what they do every day. Make your first step toward SSD benefits the right one – talk to them today. You’ll get a realistic opinion about your eligibility for Michigan SSD benefits and find out how they can help put you on the path to getting your benefits, right away.

Services Provided to Bieske and Associates

Graphic Design

The art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books. We take pride in being a Detroit Graphic Designer

Website Development

1 in 4 websites are designed in WordPress. We use Foundation 6 or Bootstrap 4 frameworks and only develop responsive websites