Make Your Website Work for You

Is your website working for you?

Most people THINK their website works for them, but in reality, it doesn’t. You see, websites can do so much more than what most people know. Most people think that websites are for informational purposes only, but can also be used for business processes.

For example, I am currently engineering a site for a client. It’s a small business, and they are looking to gain more clients (who isn’t?). They currently have paper forms for new clients, and there are attributes to each client that need to be verified, and after a year, they need to re-verified. Currently, they really don’t have a system for this, and everyone is basically on the honor system to provide those annual updates.

My solution: Create a form. This form holds the information of the client. It does not allow them to enter the information that needs to be verified by the small business employee. The employee enters the information, and the client can see that this information has been entered, but can’t edit it. I also set up the site to send email reminders one month before those attributes are to expire. This now automates the reminders, creates a business process that works, provides more value to the client, and makes things more efficient and streamlined for the business. In the end, this allows the business to be current and grow at a faster rate.

What can YOUR website do?