Local By Flywheel Review

Local by Flywheel claims to be “The #1 Local WordPress development tool”, and this is for a good reason. (several actually)

Remember the days of debugging local environments? Me too, but those days are gone now that Local by Flywheel is my go-to local WordPress development tool.

Tired of not being able to email in a local WordPress environment? This was the case when I was using MAMP. But no longer, since  Flywheel’s local WordPress environment uses MailHog, (web and API based SMTP web application email testing).

Local is built for speed and simplicity. We’ve spent years designing Local to make building, testing and deploying WordPress sites a breeze.

You can install SSL without any problems. Local allows for testing your local sites with SSL andthey handle the technical details so that we can get back to WordPress development!

Would you like to change the your local WordPress environment to try out the latest version of PHP? Hot-swap between NGINX or Apache? You can do this with Local!

Here are some other awesome Local by Flywheel for WordPress Development environment features:

  • Cloning WordPress Sites
  • Deploy to Staging (Teams only)
  • Deploy to Production
  • Config files to individual PHP versions, NGINX, Apache and MySQL are editable.
  • WordPress Multisite supported
  • Mailcatcher with intercepts any outgoing email from the PHP sendmail

This is my new favorite tool for developing local WordPress websites.


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