A2 Hosting / WordPress Website hosting Review

What do you like best about A2 HostingĀ  for WordPress websites?

I really like that they are a Michigan company. A2 Hosting is based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan (A2 for locals šŸ˜‰ ). A2 Hosting is also one of the companies behind getting the enhanced and much faster internet service of Rocket Fiber to Downtown Detroit. When Detroit wins, we all win. Any sales person that I have spoke with explains everything you might have a question about. Another great quality that I have found them to be is patient. You will not find any high pressure sales going on at A2 Hosting for WordPress websites.

The second thing that I like about A2 Hosting for WordPress websites is that ALL their servers are located in Michigan. Ann Arbor to be specific. So I know my data s secure, and my data isn’t housed in some server bank in a far off land.

What do you dislike about A2 HostingĀ  for WordPress websites?

There is not one single thing that I can think of that I dislike.Ā  Not one. A2 Hosting is the premier web hosting solution that I refer all my clients to.

A2 Hosting

Recommendations to others considering A2 HostingĀ  for WordPress websites

If you don’t know the type of hosting you are looking for, contact me. We can then contact A2 Hosting, and figure it out. A2 Hosting will not try to upsell you just so they can make more money. They want you to be happy not only with their service, but with the price you are paying.

What business problems are you solving with A2 HostingĀ  for WordPress websites? What benefits have you realized?

The problems that were needing to be solved were a faster way to launch websites.Ā  I want the ease of setting up FTP accounts, emails, installing WordPress, modifying permissions, adding files, etc. Any change that I do on A2 Hosting, is taken into effect in minutes. This is NOT true with other hosts. Other Web Hosts have their servers in other countries. Is your data secure in those countries?

Want to check out their prices?

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