Why SEO Matters for Small Businesses and Start Ups

Search Engine Optimization matters for several different reasons.

First and foremost, your website isn’t buried under all the other sites out there that are competing with yours.

SEO makes your company look much more professional. If you you are missing any of the following: page descriptions, keywords, titles on links, and alt tags on images, you will never compete with your competition. Ever.

Text on a page is one thing, it is just called information, but how that information is delivered is just as important.

  • Graphs and charts – People really like these, and show information easily
  • Images –  A picture is worth a thousand words..  pick the right ones. Get or take your own, but make sure they are saying what you want them to say.
  • Movement- NOT GIFS of dogs running across your screen. If you want some information on your page to stand out, why not do something with that text to make sure that the viewer sees it, is drawn to it, and will engage with it.

Ever wonder why you aren’t attracting more clients? This could be why.


This could be because your competition IS doing this. Luckily, you have an in. You are reading this, and I have helped 50+ businesses beat their competition, gain more clients, and make their website WORK for them..

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