Web Redesign

If your website isn’t “up-to-par” and somewhere on the first or second page of Google and other top search engines, something is very wrong. We can help make it right. Choose from 3 Popular Options

Custom Web Design=Unique

This is the most-expensive option, and the one most-often picked when a business is on a firm-enough foundation to “go for the gold” to elevate its website’s performance and appearance into the arena of “one-of-a-kind.” Custom websites are bottom-up projects. They include innovative, unique templates and other uncommon, compelling features that make a visitor sit up and take notice: riveting graphics, knock-your-socks-off copywriting, no-brainer navigation, and an attitude that proclaims, Website Redesign=Fresh New Look

Perched in second place price-wise (in most cases) is Website Redesign. There are times when re-designing a website can work wonders. Improving your visitors’ online experiences is the paramount consideration here. To this end, we will carefully analyze your visitors’ click through rates and find ways to improve navigation so that your website will become fun, functional and fascinating to anyone who drops by to check you out.

Template Design=Economical

Template Design = Economical. It is the rare start-up or small business that can afford to have a “Cadillac” sitting in the driveway… or in cyberspace… Our template-based websites are professional, customized for your specific needs, creative, and navigator- and search-engine-friendly.
They’re even compatible with our Content Management System, so we can automate most of the functions and then let you handle the day-to-day (easy as pie) maintenance tasks that come up (replying to cyberspace inquiries, etc.).

With a custom web site…

  • You’re viewed as a trend-setter
  • Your brand image becomes more pronounced
  • You give the impression of being a definite front-runner against your competition

Don’t have website yet?
Join the 21st Century-
Your Competitors Have!
If you’re all-but website illiterate or don’t have the time to build or maintain one, you’re missing the gravy train by light years. In 2011 the vast majority of consumers engage with local businesses from their PCs or
mobile communication devices by googling the products and services they’re just about to climb into their cars to buy.If you aren’t engaging them where they are (online), you can be sure someone else is. It’s time to embrace (in a big way) going after a bigger piece of the action.

Web sites benefits

  • We can design your website to complement your existing or future marketing campaigns
  • With an online presence you’re “available” every hour of every day, year ’round.
  • Websites are more affordable now because of a plethora of templates and providers (some good, some bad so be careful-it’s a jungle out there!)
  • Unlike print media, websites are adaptable and can quickly reflect seasonal sales, fast-breaking specials, and other “do it now” options
  • You can maintain your own website… or have us do it for you
  • An attractive, easy-to-use website helps promote your brand

Most well-designed websites provide the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in advance so you’ll spend less time answering recurring questions and more time helping your customers in other ways.

Website Integration
A truly great website is a multi-tasking dynamo. By linking your database, email, e-commerce/shopping cart system,blog and other social networking options (Facebook, FourSquare, Twitter,LinkedIn, etc.) you’ll have a lean, mean money-making machine working for you 24/7 365 days a year… even while you eat,sleep, or go on vacation.

At MindChip Industries, we can integrate your website so you don’t have to spend your rare, spare time doing it. We’ve worked on hundreds of integration projects during the years we’ve been in business, so we’re experts… fast and reliable.