Tattoo Shop Artist Manager

Why do I need Tattoo Artist Manager

Problem: You are a tattoo shop owner and updating your tattoo website with all your artist’s latest photos and creating a portfolio for them is time consuming. It is an every week thing, and if not managed properly, it can turn into a nightmare.

Solution: MindChip Industries Tattoo Artist Manager!

With the Tattoo Artist Manager, it can easily manage stylists, their specialties, their profiles, links to their social media accounts, and more!

How is this different from any other tattoo website?

Tattoo Artist Manager | Tattoo Website

Tattoo Artist Manager allows you the Tattoo Shop owner to add artists by typing in their email address, name, profile and few details. Once that is done, everything else is handled by the artist! If they want to post images of clients that were worked on today, they log in, add the images, choose what services were provided, and publish to your tattoo website!

Artists Manage Their Portfolio

Artists have no access to any of the normal pages of your tattoo website, contact forms, Blog posts, company info, etc. Stylists only have access to their own portfolio, and do not have access to other stylist’s portfolios.

Artists can:

  • Add to their portfolios
  • Choose the type of Tattoo provided
  • Choose the style of the Tattoo

Tattoo Artist Manager has Automated Social Media Posting

With Tattoo Artist Manager, your tattoo website application has the capability with social media integration, to automatically post a artist’s portfolio item when a artist adds what they have done on their client or clients for the day. This would add to your existing posts on your tattoo shop’s Facebook page for your social media following to see examples. The best part of this function of Tattoo Artist Manager is that should someone want to see the portfolio, they are directed right to your tattoo website, which makes it easier for them to call and schedule and appointment, fill out a form, or inform themselves on all the offerings that you provide.

Social Media Win

If you have multiple artists doing this throughout the day, it keeps your business in your followers feeds, and keeps you Facebook page constantly churning new content (which is what Facebook likes).

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