Salon Stylist Manager

Why do I need Salon Stylist Manager

Problem: You are a salon owner and updating your website with all your stylists latest photos and creating a portfolio for them is time consuming. It is an every week thing, and if not managed properly, it can turn into a nightmare.

Solution: MindChip Industries Salon Stylist Manager!

Problem: Stylists call you about a specific suite which shows as vacant on your website.

Solution: Your website is easily updated so that when Stylist is added to the site, (right after signing their contract), that suite shows taken.

With the Salon Stylist Manager, it can easily manage stylists, their specialties, their profiles, links to their social media accounts, and more!

How is this different from any salon other website?

Upgrade your Habits Sign

Salon Stylist Manager allows you the Salon owner to add stylists by typing in their email address, name, profile and few details. Once that is done, everything else is handled by the stylist! If they want to post images of clients that were worked on today, they log in, add the images, choose what services were provided, and publish!

Stylists Manage Their Portfolio

Stylists have no access to any of the normal pages of your website, contact forms, Blog posts, company info, etc. Stylists only have access to their own portfolio, and do not have access to other stylist’s portfolios.

Stylists can:

  • Add to their portfolios
  • Choose the type of service / services provided
  • Choose the style of the service

Enhanced Security

It is safe to say that no one likes spam. The fastest way to get more spam, is to expose your email address on a website.

With Salon Stylist Manager, your expert’s emails are not exposed and each one can have their own New Client and/or Contact form so that their email will never be exposed.


Salon Stylist Manager has Automated Social Media Posting

With Salon Stylist Manager, your website application has the capability with social media integration, to automatically post a stylist’s portfolio item when a stylist adds what they have done on their client or clients for the day. This would add to your existing posts on your salon’s Facebook page for your social media following to see examples. The best part of this function of Salon Stylist Manager is that should someone want to see the portfolio, they are directed right to your website, which makes it easier for them to call and schedule and appointment, fill out a form, or inform themselves on all the offerings that you provide.

Social Media Win

If you have multiple stylists doing this throughout the day, it keeps your business in your followers feeds, and keeps you Facebook page constantly churning new posts (which is what Facebook likes).

Bring Your Team of Experts Closer Together

Add a chat / chat rooms or a forum for experts to bounce ideas off of, share tips, tricks and expertise, sell, collaborate, promote each other, marketplace arena for buy / sell / trade, and assist each other with Questions and Answers.

You could even have a specific area for new experts with recommended or preferred places to promote so that it makes the journey of being a first time business owner a little bit easier.  This area could answer the most asked questions and steer them in the right direction.

Embedding expert Facebook feeds, Instagram feeds, and Tik Tok feeds will also build credibility not only for each expert, but also your brand.

Incorporating your expert’s knowledge into your site not only makes is a marketing powerhouse, it is a value added tool to your experts, and makes it a functioning application. For their contribution, your site will become a search engine optimized machine, which gives your brand more exposure, while also promoting your experts.

Built for Speed

Salon Stylist Manager is built for search engine optimization performance. Benchmarks of about mid-eighties on both desktop and mobile devices. In order to spend less on Paid Media or Pay Per Click (PPC), your website needs to be faster than your competitors.

With auto image sizing for the device that is viewing the website application, this ensures fast loading of pages.

There is optional Search Engine Optimization reporting that is available.

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