PhpStorm – A WordPress Development Solution Review

A Top Notch tool for quick development

What do you like best about PhpStorm for WordPress Development?

I am really a fan of the shortcuts and shortcodes that auto complete on frequently used bits of code for my WordPress Development. Although I know I don’t use about 80% of the functionality of PHP Storm, it has definitely sped up my development time with WordPress. In PhpStorm, they call these shortcodes Live Templates. Live Templates have really sped up my WordPress Development time, since I have been building on Foundation and Bootstrap, it helps with the different classes.

PhpStorm Live Templates for WordPress Development

Quick code completion with PhpStorm Live Templates

What do you dislike about PhpStorm for WordPress Development?

I am not a fan of what seems to not the best documentation for Windows. I’m sure the support is awesome, but the documentation seems to assume that new people to the software know certain things, that they may not necessarily know. Getting everything set up correctly was the biggest slow down in my WordPress website development

Recommendations to others considering PhpStorm for WordPress Development

PHP Storm is your solution to compliment your PHP / WordPress development software toolbox. It is MUCH better than Adobe Dreamweaver, Atom, and Notepad ++ in my opinion for WordPress website Development.

What business problems are you solving with PhpStorm for WordPress Development? What benefits have you realized?

The problems that were needing to be solved were a faster way to develop with out the need of additional software or tools. PHP Storm does code completion, and other processing like SCSS / LESS / SASS compiling once set up correctly, that is a huge time saver for developing! This met the requirements and no additional software, (or software subscriptions), we needed for my WordPress website Development.

You can snag your own copy of PhpStorm for WordPress Development here:

PhpStorm for WordPress Development