Satan Hates Metro

Satan Hates Metro was a little effort we made to get the word out about Metro that blew up into something that only God could have orchestrated.  We took an idea from a great church in the south and made it totally Metro.  We put out a couple of thousand YARD SIGNS  that said things like is KILLING ME and SUCKS and things went crazy.  We made national and international news and the website  had over 90 thousand hits in just a few weeks.

We thought it was clever marketing for sure but more than that – we thought it was a great way to get the truth about Jesus out.  We didn’t want it to be offensive but wanted to remind people that there is good and evil, that there is a God who loves them and there is an enemy who wants to destroy them.  Check out the site.  And if you like it, send the link to some friends and tell them that this is the church that Satan really, really, really doesn’t like.

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