Custom WordPress Development

You need some Custom WordPress Website Development in your life!

I think I might be just the person to provide you with the best Custom WordPress Website Development experience you could ever have.

The Benefits of Custom WordPress Development

Custom WordPress Website Development means that no two sites are the same, and each site is specifically built for that client. It is similar to a tattoo artist that does not do typical tattoo flash (a template). The WordPress websites that we develop start with an optimized blank WordPress them that has been enhanced and improved upon. You will not find a cookie cutter, one size fits all, out of the box solution that will be attempted to fit your unique situation and business.

Why should MindChip Develop my WordPress Site?

Elegantly Simple

WordPress can seem a little intimidating. A custom WordPress site can seem even more undaunting.

What we tell our clients, is this:

If you can edit a Google Doc or Word Doc,  drag and drop images from one window to another, you can edit 90% of your Custom WordPress Website.

You will also be trained on editing your site, and how navigate around the backend to do things.

Just a few Examples

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