Business Owners: You Know Your Business, Write about it!

Quite often, business owners assume that web content writing comes with Website Development. If this WAS the case, Every Website Developer would be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on EVERYTHING! So needless to say, this is NOT the case.

Business owners know their business. You should be wanting to tell everyone about your business.  How you have the best products, the best services, and best prices. This is something that should just come naturally to a business owner.

Even when there are no new products, discounts, or services, you can easily create awareness and visibility in your company by writing a “did you know” kind of article.

Did you know that depending on how your site is up, for each article you write, you are increasing the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strength! We all know you want to be number one on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. This is your ticket!

You should easily be able to put together about 500 words together on an article about a subject that you know, and know well.

For me, it is simple to talk about Website Design, and it is even more simple for me to talk about Website Design in Detroit, Michigan! It should be easy for you to write about Wooden Shelves, Car Insurance, or Dressmaking.

The success of your business is up to you, the business owner, and you should be doing everything that you can to get the word out that you have the best business out there.  You should be touting about you beat everyone’s prices, anyone’s service, and have the most, the biggest or the fastest. Your employees should also be on board too, and be just as enthusiastic about it!

I know what you are saying right now..  “I don’t have any employees. It is just me”. I have some advice for you.

  1. Make time.
  2. When you come up with titles for what you want to write about, write them down
  3. Take 30 minutes out of your day to write.
  4. Stay on topic of the Search Terms you are writing for.
  5. Have someone proofread / edit your article.
  6. Make sure you have all the SEO parameters set up (but this can be done after)
  7. Publish your article.
  8. Share it on LinkedIn, and on any / all social media platforms that you business uses.
  9. Have a few friends like and share it.

That’s it.  It is really that simple.  Once you start doing this regularly, it becomes more and more easy. The longest part of this entire process is taking the 30 minutes to write the article.

The only other advice I could give when sharing on social media is that you need to have an image that will create an impact and draw attention of the click by the person seeing it.

Hope this helps Small Business Owners with their quest, and if you have any questions, need a great looking and functioning site, or are looking to streamline / automate some of your business processes, give Jason Heien a call, fill our our contact form, or find him in Downtown Detroit! (look for “The Best Facial Hair in America”)


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