An Open Letter to Marketers

Fuck you, Forbes for forcing the “Quote of the Day” on us. Zero fucks given about what it is, who said it, or why Douchebag of the Day chose it. You lost my audience forever. You might have the greatest article on something that I am researching, and it might contain valuable information! Too bad I won’t see it, or click on your link.

I will never surf on my phone again. Period. Ever.

I choose this not because I want to spend more time with my wife, my son, the rest of my family, or our friends. I chose this because when you are surfing on your phone, you are bombarded with ads.

It seems strange saying this since Marketing is my business. But enough is enough. When you can’t get to the information that you are trying to read, or click through a gallery of what happened to the hottest 80 celebs because shit in the background is loading, or right when you click on the “next” button, something above it loads and you are sent to some other ad.

I know I am not the only one.

You see, I am not a dumb consumer. I have been advising my friends on using AdBlock Plus. I am about to start publishing my latest Ad Block lists. I also have a nifty plug in that can block certain domains that I choose from google results.

To all News Stations, and I mean on air local and national news stations: Cut it the fuck out. I know you need sponsors. I know they pay for advertising, but we are all keen on the ads the look like news stories, about how some guy from my IP Address, (I mean city), lost 1000 pounds in 10 days with this miracle fucking essential oil. Not buying it.

Adblock Plus: Block that entire chunk, and refresh and those ads are gone from my view on your site forever.

Yes.  I have updated my ad preferences, and have elected to no participate. I have also turned off relevant ads from Google. If I find an ad particularly annoying, I report it.


Update:  Firefox on Mobile will allow the install of AdBlock Plus.