In Business for 20+ years

Dozens of clients from all over the US and around the world, millions of hits on websites, several viral images later, we are here!

We can be your trusted partner to make sure your website performs, your photos pop, and most importantly, your business thrives.

MindChip Industries can make it easy for YOU to update your website.

The objective is to create a fast loading easily navigated, device agnostic website. We’ll do this by doing two things:

First, I figure out the real value you provide beyond the mechanics like providing the best in class service or product and create consistent messaging to use throughout your entire brand that speaks to your audience. Since I am a Web Developer, you will be responsible for creating your own content. (This helps keep costs, down, and who better knows your service and market than you!)

Secondly, I employ modern lead-generation tactics. The site will be developed so that there will always be an easy way for a visitor of your website to connect with you.

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About Us

MindChip Industries is a Veteran Owned Business providing best in class web services in the area of Website Design / WordPress Development, Search Engine Optimization and Graphic Design, and Photography.

Striving to improve the client’s capability, profitability, efficiency, and new business gains, I help clients achieve objectives, goals and increased profits.

Helping businesses become even more successful is what MindChip Industries does.

MindChip Industries does not farm out work, and all work is done right here in Michigan. MindChip Industries does NOT outsource. Ever. Period.

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There Is No Time To Waste

When you contact MindChip Industries, you will not be contacted by a high pressure sales person.  You will be contacted by Jason Heien. He is no salesman. He can help you figure out what you need by asking a lot of questions, not only how to make your business successful, but other secondary goals that can help make your more efficient.

Reaching your goals could create other unforeseen issues to come up, but with the proper planning, and a lot of questions, your website will be able to handle these issues.

No time is better than the present to plan for your business’s future.

Your competition is doing the same thing you are. The one thing that your competition doesn’t have is the proven results of MindChip Industries. By not moving forward with increasing your web presence, it is costing you customers.


How Does MindChip Industries Do It?

I don’t take on every client. I’ve become very good at assessing ideas and whether we can help. I am very excited about helping you.

I want to help you save money. By asking a lot of questions, we can determine if there are things that can be automated.  By helping you understand and develop the the back end of your site to easily be edited, you won’t have to pay someone to make edits, changes, additions to your site. I understand that technology can be intimidating, which is why I will have specifically modified the backend of WordPress to make things simple.

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Why Now?

If the time it takes to update your website, or your website isn’t working for you, I can help you make your website work for you!

Like most business purchases, there is always a level of risk and uncertainty in the success of a project.
We want to completely remove that risk from you and place it on ourselves.

In short, if we don’t do what we say we’re going to do… then you don’t pay. Sound fair?

100% custom development work. If you find something that doesn’t work under the original scope of development, on any major browser that was available at the time of launch, MindChip Industries will fix it without charge for 1 year after we complete work on the site.

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Give it a whirl, you will be happy you did! CHEERS!

(we will not sell your information either. promise.)

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