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Document design to create impact.

Reports that are meant to be noticed. Essay’s that need to stand out. Files that should be sent by email or downloaded electronically. MindChip Industries understand the value and importance of creating the document that provides the perfect balance between information and excitement for your publications and presentations.

But as it is often the case with documents and publications, emphasis is mostly placed upon content. Upon information. Data, statistics, and figures that seem of utmost urgency and apparent focus.

Communication is much more than information.

Communication is the ability to invoke, stimulate, and motivate your readers, to not only want to read and gain increased information from your document, but moreover, to present, structure, and support it in such a way as to enable the reader to digest and absorb information so that your key arguments, messages, findings, and reasoning is understood and recognized.

The limitations imposed by simple Word documents or publications delivered simply on plain copy white paper. Through non structured or disorganized document layouts, are simply not enough to gain the attention of your readers, communicate your message, and achieve your business objectives.

From the outset, MindChip Industries became aware of the needs of individuals who needed to go that extra step with their publications. So we developed custom services as a means of supplying high-end creative, custom, Word document design and document layout solutions.

Whether its a total custom Word template design, or a creative revision to existing documents and material. Or whether your need is to improve text content, structure, photographs, illustrations, or graphs and charts. You’ll find our creative team ready to deal with your enquiries and able to deliver on time and within your budget.

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