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Founded on the belief that “full color doesn’t mean full price”, an industry and opportunity was born.

Aug, 17, 2010

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Aug, 14, 2010

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Website dedicated to hunting.

Aug, 14, 2010


PASSES brings job safety into the classroom by using firefighters to present the unique, 90-minute PASSES EDGE training workshop to students. The fast-paced program focuses on subjects relevant to teens: safe chemical-handling; lifting techniques and ladder safety; proper use of personal protective equipment; adolescent labor law; driving safety; and retail safety. PASSES also has a unit on sexual harassment in response to schools.

Aug, 14, 2010

Housing our Heroes

Housing Our Heroes is a co-op that partners with real estate investors to turn distressed houses in our community into beautiful homes for our heroes. This is ideal for those who are seeking to buy a new home and/or first time home buyers. The program will assist those selected in finding a newly rehabbed home with no money down as a possible option.

Aug, 14, 2010

Mutual Realty

Mutual Realty was looking to update their look with a new logo which we designed. They are located in Livonia, Michigan.

Aug, 14, 2010


We elevate our quality, along with our creativity, to continue to bring cutting edge compositions and well designed sites to the web.

Jun, 16, 2009