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Panzer Technologies wants Michigan web development firm to outsource

Akshey Trivedi
Sales Support Specialist, Panzer Technologies
Hope you are doing great.
I’m looking to speak to somebody who is in charge of web (or Mobile or Desktop) development in order to discuss the opportunity for collaboration.
We have a lot of experience developing a variety of applications and helping launch your company’s software products will prove to be mutually beneficial.

Sep, 25, 2014

Michigan SEO / Website Company rejects outsourcing

Rocky from C and C Infotech decided he was going to email us about outsourcing to India.. One of our more creative responses…

Nov, 24, 2011

Design Master India

This idiot, “Steve mark” dropped us a line, interested in a website! Our response is great and so is the graphic we sent him! 🙂

Nov, 04, 2011