Tag: Detroit graphic designer

iVideo International

iVideo International, inc, grew out of a full-service marketing communications company that successfully has served Fortune 500 companies, leading universities, and major associations since 1989.

Aug, 14, 2010

Excel Spreadsheets

A well-designed sheet will be comfortable to work with and makes it easy to answer the questions you want to ask, or the questions that are going to be asked of you.

Aug, 14, 2010

Printed Ads

Make your ad the most memorable part of what they read.

Aug, 14, 2010

Audio / Video Production

One has to think about who is the target demographic, what they want to see, and why your product or service is better than the other guy’s (or gal’s).

Aug, 14, 2010

Rapid E-Learning | LMS Branding

With e-learning software tools that empower us to quickly and easily create engaging courses, presentations, quizzes, and surveys, everyone ends up looking good.

Aug, 14, 2010

Corporate Identities

From logo concept, design, and implementation, we design inspired logos that say something about your company.

Aug, 14, 2010

Web Design Profession

Before the creation of Internet there was no existence of web design profession.

Aug, 11, 2010

Maze Legal Group

Services include: production of 2 websites (duimaze.com, owidefenselaw.com), 3 minute advertising video, Brochure design

Aug, 09, 2010


We are proud to announce DUImaze.com is launched.

Aug, 09, 2010