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Social Networking Integration 

Shrink Your Advertising Budget! It doesn’t get any easier!

Who continues to make big $$$$$ while decreasing their advertising budget?

Truth: All State (Mayhem) to your local Zoo.

You might have heard of a few of these:

  • Facebook.
  • Linked In.
  • Twitter.
  • WordPress.
  • Joomla.
  • Blogger.
  • YouTube. 

You get the picture…

Social Networking is a very affordable and effective way for people to get to know your company and website. Both large and small Businesses are reaping the rewards from their presence on several social networking websites.

Being that TV, radio, and print ads are VERY COSTLY, and only last a certain amount of time, not to mention the costs of printing, and pre-production stuff like actually designing the commercial, ad, etc.. These are pretty much beyond that of a small / medium size business. No need to get down about it, (we don’t mean boogie either). Using Social Media can be the way to get your brand / store / product / cause out there, noticed, and gain an audience.

Always on and in the headlines 24/7/365 – Social Networking

Having a website integrated with social media is something we feel is necessary. It combines your website, videos, News, Updates, and blog from one location. Even though it may seem like a simple website update, you are pushing your data into the mix of your audience. You will have a different audience for each Social Network site you belong to. Continually reaching out from anywhere about anything, from your laptop, home computer, desk at your office, or your mobile phone. Even if you are sleeping or on vacation, the use of Social Media keeps you on the inside of your customers mind.

Don’t fall for the “no news is good news” tactic. A LIVE company website keeps your fresh in potential clients’ eyes, and keeps you strong in the Search Engines (for SEO) keep you and your company on top (where you belong)

  • Women use social networks to connect with their friends, family and colleagues more than men
  • 68% of women and 54% of men use social media to stay in touch with their friends.
  • 75% of men and 73% of women use voice/phone to stay in touch with their friends.
  •  Americans spend almost a quarter of their time online on social networking sites
  • 53% of the “on-the-go” U.S. audience is willing to exchange their location in exchange for more relevant content and better information, including mobile deals.
  • Consumers under the age of 34, are willing to trade their location for information

If you don’t have the time to Social Network, We can do it for (with) you!

We can generate discussions. We can generate threads about your products.. or  your services…  or just for fun that are not business / work related.. The discussions we find that get the most response, or ones that are not for self promotion.  We find that humor works best.  It really doesn’t need to be work related, since the post is coming from your company. You get them laughing, they are thinking about your company. We add branding / brand awareness, humor,  and your company’s “personality” to your social networking campaigns.

Word-of-mouth has never been more valuable. Imagine what this whole social networking thing can do. One word-of-mouth google+1, rave review, testimonial, or compliment can reach your core followers immediately and turn into thousands eventually. Using a social network, you can have basically unlimited access to friends-of-friends (for Facebook) and associates-of-associates (for LinkedIn), Not to mention all the other social Network sites out there, and all the visitors that make their way to your website.

First and foremost, a social network strategy puts a face to your company. Potential clients and others learn your story, what your company is about, how you operate, see what your company likes, doesn’t like, etc.. They can cheer your charitable announcements and involvement, share the specifics of the owners favorite teams. Become friends with other companies. It’s nothing new to say,  people do more business with people they trust, and then become repeat customers.

Social Networking Benefits

  • People talking about your business / brand / cause
  • Links coming into your site (in-bound links) grow, increasing your market (and pedestrian, if applicable) traffic
  • Getting to know people on a personal level and relating your product / service / cause to their REAL needs
  • Create a bond and increase trust
  • Custom URL (We can help you in the decision 😉 for your brand / service / cause)

Social Network Sites:

  • Blogs:
    • Blogger
    • WordPress
    • Joomla
  • Social Websites:
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
  • Social Bookmarking:
    • Technorati
    • Propeller
    • Digg
    • Reddit
    • StumbleUpon
  • Videos:
    • Google Video
    • YouTube
    • Vimeo

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