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We are proud to announce that we have been accepted into the US Business Directory / Premium Web Directory as a Michigan SEO and Detroit SEO company specializing in Detroit Web Design.

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MindChip Industries is a Web Design Services company. specializing in Michigan SEO, Detroit SEO, and Michigan Web Design.

The website design development services of MindChip Industries also create web sites within the following range:

Basic Websites: Brochure-type websites acting like a starting point for small companies looking for an entry point  on Internet, or for companies that have limited needs. Even though this type of website is of the brochure type, they keep the information presented in a professional and eye pleasing manner. Interactivity will be be a theme throughout with  every opportunity taken to maximize your business opportunities with an end result of exceeding customer expectations. See our Portfolio

Dynamic Websites: We have extensive experience in the development of web data driven websites from the creation of complex Business-to-Business (B2B) websites or storefront sites. MindChip Industries is your company of choice. See our Portfolio

Adobe Flash Websites: Online animation is has become more and more frequent and MindChip Industries is a Michigan leader in this area. Both from animation / technical and marketing / sales perspective. Using our experience to turn websites into great looking flash websites that actually work. See our Portfolio

Look for us in the following categories:

Detroit Web Design | Michigan Web Design | Michigan SEO | Detroit SEO

Services we provide

Graphic Design

The art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books. We take pride in being a Detroit Graphic Designer

Search Engine Optimization

Using meaningful content is a very important part of ethical SEO methods. Users (and Google), demand relevant information from their searches.

WordPress Development

1 in 4 websites are designed in WordPress. We use Foundation 6 or Bootstrap 4 frameworks and only develop responsive websites