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The Zeitgeist Project

A global initiative to bring people of influence together who mold the current Zeitgeist in order to generate foresight. The Zeitgeist Project is based on the premise that ideas have consequences, actions are born from ideas, and ideas are promoted my influencers. By creating a critical mass of influencers, the Zeitgeist Project seeks to redress root causes of issues so that the future is defined by hope.

Aug, 14, 2010

Mystique Photography

In a world that blinds us with despair, what remains to enable us? Perhaps, beauty? In the words of Emerson, “beauty is God’s handwriting.”

Aug, 14, 2010

Little Lindsay with Progeria

September 10th, 2010, Barbara Walters reports on Lindsay Ratcliffe, Kaylee Halko and Haylee Okines, three vibrant young girls who suffer from progeria, an extremely rare and fatal disease characterized by rapid aging in children. It is rare; of every 4-to-8 million births worldwide, only one baby will have progeria, according to the Progeria Research Foundation. So far, 68 children around that world currently have been identified and diagnosed with progeria. On average, children with the disease die at age 13.

Aug, 14, 2010

Metro South Church

Metro South Church is a non-denomination independent Christian church seeking to communicate the ancient truths of the Bible in modern and relevant ways. Their mission is simple: To turn people… all people… into fully devoted followers of Jesus. When people see who Jesus is, in a way that is culturally relevant, they will be drawn into a deep and personal relationship with Him. Metro South Church is located in Trenton, Michigan

Aug, 14, 2010

Olive Branch Masonic Lodge

The Olive Branch Lodge #542 is located in downtown Dearborn.

Aug, 14, 2010