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Welcome to my blog.  You might find some articles based on Website Design useful, or you may not.  I also post about technology to make your life easier, and from my Instagram account. Basically I post about cool stuff I like, and topics that I know; like WordPress, Detroit Website Design, technology, Detroit, and Graphic Design.

Detroit Web Design

MindChip Industries is featured on as a Detroit Web and Interactive Design firm, Detroit graphic design firm, and Detroit E-learning company.

Sep, 22, 2010

Graphic Design

Design is defined as “A visual solution to a problem.”
Graphic Design is defined as “the art or profession of visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience.”

Sep, 21, 2010

We are the good guys

MindChip Industries is featured on as a Detroit Graphic Design and Detroit Web Design firm.

Sep, 17, 2010

Kaylee with Progeria

Barbara Walters reports on Lindsay Ratcliffe, Kaylee Halko and Haylee Okines, three vibrant young girls who suffer from Progeria, an extremely rare and fatal disease characterized by rapid aging in children. It is rare; of every 4-to-8 million births worldwide, only one baby will have progeria, according to the Progeria Research Foundation. So far, 68 children around that world currently have been identified and diagnosed with progeria.

Sep, 11, 2010

MindChip @ Twitter

MindChip Industries is on Twitter! Follow us, and find out what kind of stuff we tweet about graphic design, web design, and off the wall thinking.

Sep, 11, 2010

Mindchip @

Jason Heien of MindChip Industries is featured on as a Detroit Graphic Design Company.

Sep, 11, 2010

Detroit E-Learning

MindChip Industries, a Detroit Graphic Design company, is a member of the Articulate Rapid E-learning Forum.

Sep, 11, 2010

5 star rating – Yahoo Local

MindChip Industries has received a 5-star rating on Yahoo Local as a Detroit graphic design / Detroit web design and Michigan SEO company located in the Metro Detroit Area.

Sep, 11, 2010

Detroit Graphic Design company – MindChip Industries – Detroit Web Design company

Sep, 11, 2010

Detroit Local

MindChip Industries is featured on as a Detroit Graphic Design company and Detroit Web Design Company.

Sep, 10, 2010

Detroit City Search | Detroit Graphic Design

MindChip Industries is featured on Detroit City Search, as a Graphic Design, and Web Design company.

Sep, 10, 2010

Xemion Website Directory

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Sep, 10, 2010

One of Top Design Firms

Detroit graphic design company, MindChip Industries, featured @ | Detroit graphic Design | Detroit web Design | Graphic Design Detroit |

Sep, 10, 2010

MindChip @ Youtube

MindChip Industries is featured on YouTube with videos we have created, and videos that we like. Feel free to check out the MindChip Industries Channel on YouTube

Sep, 07, 2010

MindChip Industries – Detroit Flash

A little about the state of the MindChip Industries website.

Sep, 07, 2010

Ghost Vodka

MindChip Industries will be completing and redesigning the Ghost Vodka websites.

Sep, 06, 2010

“When your business succeeds, I’ve done my job.”

Sep, 06, 2010

SpaceCoast Pneumatic and Hydraulic Supply

Services include: Site Design

Sep, 03, 2010