Before getting all caught up in the awesome, cool features of PowerPoint, remember that the purpose of a presentation is to present information — not overwhelm the audience with a demonstration of all the bells and whistles PowerPoint has to offer. In that respect, using PowerPoint is similar to using a page layout program. The software is merely a tool. Avoidance of the typical pitfalls of PowerPoint presentations with purpose, simplicity, and consistency.

Match Design with Purpose

We work with you to decide if your presentation is meant to entertain, inform, persuade, or sell. Is it a light-hearted or a more formal approach most appropriate to the subject and your audience?  We keep colors, clip art, and templates consistent with your main objective.


As with any design, we cut the clutter. We normally use the two font families rule. Usually, no more than one graphic image or chart per slide.


We use the same colors and fonts throughout. We select graphic images in the same style.