Services include:

William Maze works with Tony Corroto, a retired police officer who headed the DUI task force in Atlanta, Georgia for 14 years, training thousands of officers in standardized field sobriety tests and the drug recognition expert program; Mary McMurray, the State of Wisconsin’s retired breath test administrator from Blue Mounds, Wisconsin; Dr. Michael Hlastala, a nationally acclaimed expert in the physiology of breath testing, infrared absorption testing of breath, and physiology of alcohol in the body; Dr. Fran Gengo, an Associate Professor of Pharmacy and Neurology and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at the SUNYAB School of Medicine; Dr. Ron Henson, a retired police officer who went on to obtain a PhD in drug and alcohol testing in the criminal justice system and in the workplace; Rocky Mountain Instrumental Laboratories and AIT Laboratories, two toxicology labs that do excellent work; Walden and Platt, standardized field sobriety testing and DRE experts; and Dr. Clark Miller and Dr. Paul N. Greenberg of the Forensic Gait Analysis Group, two doctors who have done extensive work to determine the various types of human “gait,” i.e. walking, and how this analysis applies to field sobriety tests.