Detroit Athletic Club

You can Make Investments in the Lives of Kids is the most requested item in food pantries, but the least donated. With your donations, @gleanersfoodbank uses their purchasing power to get milk to the kids that need it

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Porta Asbury Park

Life imitates art

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Detroit, Michigan

One year ago today I became the @wahlgrooming Man of! Thank you and all my fans for making this past year unbelievable and unforgettable

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Duggans Irish Pub

Yesterday, at The event with @krogerco and @womc1043 @duggans_irish_pub benefitting @gleanersfoodbank I met and Priscilla

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Bordine Nursery

Had the pleasure yesterday meeting the @brightonrollerdollz yesterday evening

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WDIV Local 4 / ClickOnDetroit

when your was chosen to be the @local4news @all4pets.wdiv 1st spokespup

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ASHE Supply Co.

If you are looking for something different, try the @ashesupplyco No extra sugar or milk added or needed for this, rich situation. Make sure to stop in, and say hi to @darek.collard he is the friendliest, kindest, and most entertaining around

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Wahl Professional USA

This is Steve. He is a VP @wahlgrooming and gave us a tour of the entire Wahl facility! Super friendly guy!! Thank you staying late and taking the time to hang with us

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George Gregory

in is serious when you get a thank you @ancientkind

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George Gregory

It was a great pleasure to get photographed by @ancientkind here at @shopgeorgegregory @beard.kings @men.bearded @beardedasfuck @wahlgrooming Thank you @ancientkind for stopping into and sharing your art form. You are masters of your craft!

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