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One Campus Martius

Collin is a great guy and works on the @quickenloans Backbone Team Not only is he working on his, and he and his wife are expecting a baby next month!! @wahlgrooming today is his !!!
If you work with Collin, expect a @nerf war

Mar, 06, 2018

Detroit, Michigan

Chris and I stopped to get some coffee before work, and when he saw me, he said, “I knew it was you!” Chris said his beard was much bigger and longer but his girl said that it had to go. @wahlgrooming

Mar, 02, 2018

Detroit, Michigan

Today I met Amanda in the elevator. She works @bedrockdetroit here in, and complimented me on my being “Spot On.” So THE @wahlgrooming Man of Year just made one more friend today, AND learned about the charitible event Wahl has

Mar, 01, 2018

Little Caesars Arena

translation: company meeting rock concert. @quickenloans @qlcareers @keeganmic

Feb, 27, 2018

ASHE Supply Co.

Today I met @darek.collard who just trimmed his beard, and makes a killer cup of joe! He asked me today if I was that @wahlgrooming guy, and I said,”Yes I am

Feb, 26, 2018

Downtown Detroit

Why do I always get the Finding Nemo? @fathead @bedrockdetroit

Feb, 25, 2018

The Detroit News

Craftsmanship is something has always taken in. Even more so when honoring our. This work of exemplifies the care, time, planning, and our deserve

Feb, 25, 2018

En-Unison Salon

[email protected] from @mojointhemorn had to meet the @wahlgrooming Man of the Year, and did a great interview while I trimmed his up! Hijinks followed and it was recorded by Justin who had all kinds of beard envy going on

Feb, 24, 2018

Detroit, Michigan

Thank you and beyond for all the support to show that Michigan strength and the pride! @wahlgrooming Time to take to streets and start promoting @gleanersfoodbank @mittens4detroit and @givingsongs

Feb, 21, 2018

Detroit, Michigan

cut. Been cutting my own hair since 7th grade, and I’m just as real as any other guy. @wahlgrooming makes the best, and I’m no pro, but every pro I’ve chatted with says they are too. Made right here in USA.
Practice makes perfect

Feb, 20, 2018

Detroit, Michigan

26 years ago today, I left for.
Before I had ANY facial hair

Feb, 18, 2018

Sushi House

So this just happened…
I was asked to sign a @wahlgrooming trimmer

Feb, 16, 2018

Detroit, Michigan

If you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son
I got but my ain’t one

Feb, 16, 2018

Detroit, Michigan

Who has the best leader @quickenloans? This guy, the @wahlgrooming Man of Year!
My nickname at work is and @detroit_spartan got my this from @bonbonbonchocolate in

Feb, 13, 2018

Nightcap Ann Arbor

Nightcap not only craft up top notch drinks. They also help your self esteem. Thank you @asgarris for being the maestro behind the bar @annarbornews

Feb, 12, 2018

Fox 2 TV Detroit

the day I was @fox2detroit and met @amyandrewsfox2
Who knew she is a fan of the @wahlgrooming
Man of the Year and his?!?

Feb, 08, 2018

Detroit, Michigan

Thank you @themetdet for asking great questions and providing a “Behind the” view into the @wahlgrooming Man of the Year!

Feb, 07, 2018

Detroit, Michigan

One year ago today I came home with new family! I 💙 them so much!

Feb, 04, 2018