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2204, 2016

Had the privilege of meeting these guys today.#hownosm

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Had the privilege of meeting these guys today. #hownosm #hownosmdetroit #depictthed #raw_capture #rawdetroit #saynicethingsaboutdetroit #lovethed #motorcityshooters #michigrammers #graffiti #artwork #artist #detroitmycity #detroitisbeautiful #detroit #igersdetroit

2204, 2016

Nearing completion.Thank you @hownosm for coming to #Detroit

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Nearing completion. Thank you @hownosm for coming to #Detroit and #inspiring us all. #depictthed #detroitmycity #michigrammers #motorcityshooters #detroitisbeautiful #candiddetroit #raw_capture #visitdetroit #graffiti #artwork #symmetry #symmetricalmonsters

2104, 2016

@hownosm #wip #mural in #Detroit

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@hownosm #wip #mural in #Detroit #love being surrounded by all the #artwork #depictthed #inspiredetroit #indulgedetroit #lovethed #motorcityshooters #visitdetroit #saynicethingsaboutdetroit #greatlakesstate #mittenaddiction

2104, 2016

“I stumble through the #wreckage #rusted from the #rain.

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"I stumble through the #wreckage #rusted from the #rain.# - @billytalentband #depictthed #detroitmycity #symmetricalmonsters #lovethed #detroitisbeautiful #detroit #motorcityshooters #michigrammers #igersdetroit #thegreatlakestate #picoftheday #architecture #candiddetroit #symmetry

404, 2016

Adding Compelling Photos to your #WordPress Website

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There is no excuse for having horrible pictures on your #WordPress Website.

104, 2016

Writing Content for SEO

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How does this pertain the content on your WordPress or non WordPress Website? Well, if YOU aren't passionate about YOUR business, how is anyone else supposed to?

3103, 2016

If Donald J Trump was a Website Developer

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Sh*t Donald J Trump would say if he was a Web Developer

3003, 2016

You Thought WordPress was only for Blogging?

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WordPress is almost 13 years old. (at the time I am writing this), so if you are a WordPress Developer with more experience than that, you must be a master [...]

3003, 2016

AdBlock Plus for Chrome

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Tired of ads in facebook? Tired of ads on the websites that you visit frequently?

2701, 2016

An Open Letter to Marketers

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Fuck you, Forbes for forcing the "Quote of the Day" on us. Zero fucks given about what it is, who said it, or why Douchebag of the Day chose it. You [...]

2311, 2015

How to choose a Graphic Designer

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We would rather you choose us after you are informed and educated on what you need to know, and expect.

2211, 2015

How to Choose a Web Designer

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Some helpful things to think about (and ask), when you are looking for a professional Web Designer.

604, 2015

Verizon confirms Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Early Ship Date

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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge ship date Verizon Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge ship date

1411, 2013

Lauren Podell, WDIV Detroit News Reporter, Drops ‘F-Bomb’ On Morning Newscast

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Our footage is being featured on Huffington Post! We also found these great memes! Huffington Post - ABCNews - Zap2it - guyism - GA Daily News - Motor City Muckraker [...]

2910, 2012

Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing At MindChip Industries (Michigan Website Design) we do work hard to offer you complete Social Media Marketing Services as it is reaching for the moon with the recent craze companies sell [...]

1108, 2011

Michigan SEO / SEM

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GREATLY increase the traffic to your site depending on the keywords and content that you want to stress in your website.

2005, 2011

Detroit Web Design Services

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Web projects differ between our array of clients. From a small business owner, law firm or lawyer, sole proprietor, DBA’s, LLC, medium sized businesses, or just for fun websites.

1205, 2011

Internet Marketing

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Web business is booming, and your company’s survival depends on making sure your customers are able to find your site..

1205, 2011

Michigan Web Design

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MindChip Industries is listed on the Michigan web design website for SEO and Wordpress design firm.

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