Jason Heien

Senior Web Developer and Graphic Designer with an engineer’s thought process, active imagination, and military structure, using leadership skills to creatively solve problems, develop solutions, market and promote growth in business. As a well-rounded non-aggressive, yet competitive, mix of left and right brain.

Detroit Athletic Club

You can Make Investments in the Lives of Kids is the most requested item in food pantries, but the least donated. With your donations, @gleanersfoodbank uses their purchasing power to get milk to the kids that need it

Sep, 21, 2018

Porta Asbury Park

Life imitates art

Sep, 19, 2018

Detroit, Michigan

One year ago today I became the @wahlgrooming Man of! Thank you and all my fans for making this past year unbelievable and unforgettable

Aug, 22, 2018

Duggans Irish Pub

Yesterday, at The event with @krogerco and @womc1043 @duggans_irish_pub benefitting @gleanersfoodbank I met and Priscilla

Aug, 18, 2018

Bordine Nursery

Had the pleasure yesterday meeting the @brightonrollerdollz yesterday evening

Aug, 10, 2018

WDIV Local 4 / ClickOnDetroit

when your was chosen to be the @local4news @all4pets.wdiv 1st spokespup

Jul, 26, 2018

ASHE Supply Co.

If you are looking for something different, try the @ashesupplyco
No extra sugar or milk added or needed for this, rich situation. Make sure to stop in, and say hi to @darek.collard he is the friendliest, kindest, and most entertaining around

Jul, 26, 2018

Wahl Professional USA

This is Steve. He is a VP @wahlgrooming and gave us a tour of the entire Wahl facility! Super friendly guy!! Thank you staying late and taking the time to hang with us

Jul, 24, 2018

George Gregory

in is serious when you get a thank you @ancientkind

Jul, 20, 2018

George Gregory

It was a great pleasure to get photographed by @ancientkind here at @shopgeorgegregory @beard.kings @men.bearded @beardedasfuck @wahlgrooming
Thank you @ancientkind for stopping into and sharing your art form. You are masters of your craft!

Jul, 19, 2018

Harry’s Detroit

Hanging @harrysdetroit and these guy recognized me right when they walked in

Jul, 12, 2018

WDIV Local 4 / ClickOnDetroit

Breaking news: I spent Saturday morning with our favorite weekend TV anchor @shawnleylive chatting about @mittens4detroit and the gala on July 21st

Jul, 10, 2018