Jason Heien

Senior Web Developer and Graphic Designer with an engineer’s thought process, active imagination, and military structure, using leadership skills to creatively solve problems, develop solutions, market and promote growth in business. As a well-rounded non-aggressive, yet competitive, mix of left and right brain.

You might be cool, but then there is double edged razor with a .50 Cal fired in Afghanistan handle cool.

It’s an honor to not only be in possession of this, but also one of the first, since they aren’t even on sale yet.

Nov, 21, 2018

Detroit, Michigan

Screaming on the inside = screaming on the outside

Nov, 15, 2018

Naval Station Norfolk

When I was about 19 years old to all

Nov, 11, 2018

Detroit, Michigan

My hair with nothing in it

Nov, 10, 2018

If Donald J Trump was a Website Developer

Shit Donald J Trump would say if he was a Web Developer

Oct, 31, 2018

Detroit, Michigan

HELLOOOOO everyone

Oct, 31, 2018

An Open Letter to Marketers

Fuck you, Forbes for forcing the “Quote of the Day” on us. Zero fucks given about what it is, who said it, or why Douchebag of the Day chose it no matter how incite-full.

Oct, 27, 2018

Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom

One week to get your fixed up for a serious and seriously FUN competition

Oct, 26, 2018

Belle Isle Casino

Just about a month away from @theupperliphairaffair
Get your tickets! Have a or pay the stache tax!
Dress to impress

Oct, 25, 2018

Detroit, Michigan

Just another day

Oct, 24, 2018

Detroit Athletic Club

Take me out to the ball game

Oct, 23, 2018

Detroit, Michigan

I’m ready for the and have the distinct honor of judging this @murdercityfhc charity event

Sep, 24, 2018