There is no excuse to having crappy low res images on your WordPress website.

OK, I take that back. There is only one reason for you to have crappy low res images on your Website; You are still rocking the Blackberry 8520.  If you are, you might be eligible for an upgrade.

With phones being able to capture HP Video and 16MP images, you don’t need a photographer or a professional photo shoot to get good images on your WordPress website.

Use Snapseed or some other image editor right on your phone, (not sure if the Blackberry app store has SnapSeed yet), and edit.

Using images on your WordPress website, or any website, along with your social media posts, has been proven to attract more readers thereby making your posts more effective, helps us better process the information that is presented.

If you don’t believe me, there are sever other websites and studies that have talked about this specifically. In fact it is a science.

Once your have the “right” image, and  post your article at the right time, you will reach the maximum visibility, and reach more of your target demographics that posting at random times on random days.

In marketing terms, you want the user to convert from viewing to clicking, and consuming your information.